MACOG Planning Partners

Planning partners provide direct funding or other support to MACOG or Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions. The organizations below support the core functions of regional planning in Missouri.

Missouri Office of Administration
With legislative approval, Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions receive an annual disbursement of funds to facilitate regional planning throughout the state. The Missouri Office of Administration provides oversight for these funds, and works with MACOG to ensure statewide coverage and continued professional development for its members.

United States Economic Development Administration
Many of Missouri’s Regional Planning Commissions also serve as United States’ Economic Development Regions. These regions receive funding from the EDA to promote regional economic development and cooperation and also maintain the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Missouri Department of Transportation
Each of Missouri’s Regional Planning Commission is a planning partner with MoDOT. RPCs facilitate local Transportation Advisory Committees (TACs) to provide grassroots input into MoDOT’s planning processes. Missouri’s RPCs also aid MoDOT in statewide needs prioritization and developing Regional Transportation Plans.

Missouri Office of Homeland Security
In FY06, MACOG entered into a partnership with the Missouri Office of Homeland Security to provide a framework for effectively distributing Missouri’s homeland security dollars. This framework, known as regionalization, uses nine Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOCs) to provide local funding recommendations to the state Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that all counties have an adopted All-Hazards Mitigation Plan in place to be eligible for any federal hazard mitigation funds. SEMA has partnered with Regional Planning Commissions to facilitate the creation of these plans for Missouri’s counties. As a result of this partnership, nearly all of Missouri’s counties are now covered by a Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources utilizes MACOG to distribute grant announcements and other information to Missouri’s cities and counties. In addition, many Regional Planning Commissions provide administrative services to Missouri’s Solid Waste Management Districts.